An Open & Affirming Church in Fairfield, CT





Organ Specifications

Johannes Klais Orgelbau, Bonn
Opus 1881, 2010

I. Choir           C-c4
8 Burrdon (sic!)*
8 Dulciana
4 Flötenprincipal
2 2/3 Quinte
2 Waldflöte
1 3/5 Terz 
8 Coreinette (sic!)*
* original names Bourdon and Clarinette have been modified.

II. Great             C-c4

16 Violon

8 Principal

8 Flute harmonique
8 Gamba
4 Octave
2 Superoctave
2 Mixtur IV

8 Trompete

Tuba (prepared)

III. Swell             C-c4

16  Burrdon

8  Geigenprincipal
8  Rohrflöte
8  Aeoline
8  Vox coelestis
4  Traversflöte
4  Violine
2 2/3  Harmonia aetheria IV
16  Basson
8  Trompette
8  Basson Hautbois

Pedal                   C-g1

32  Flute (prepared)
16  Open Wood
16  Subbass
16  Burrdon* (from Swell)
8  Principal
8  Burrdon
4  Octave
16  Posaune
16  Basson (from Swell)


Choir to Great
Swell to Great
Swell to Choir
Swell Suboctave
Swell Superoctave
Choir Suboctave
Choir Superoctave
Choir to Pedal
Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal
Swell Superoctave to Pedal 

36 Stops on 3 Manuals and Pedals
Slider Wind Chests
Mechanical Key Action (Electric Coupling Action)
Electric Stop Action
Setter Combination System with 1,000,000 combinations, divided into 1000 levels with 100 groups, each featuring 10 Generals and 6 Divisionals for each Division



8:15 Worship and Communion, Hobart Chapel
10:15 Worship, Sanctuary 

Childcare and Disciple Road during 10:15 Worship

    Come Worship with Us Christmas Eve

5:00 pm,  Family Service with Pageant
Come to see Angels, Shepherds, Magi and the Holy Family. Visit the Holy Family and bring your prayers to God.

10:00 pm,  Service of Lessons and Carols
Candlelight, music and readings from the  Gospels tell the Christmas Story. Find the Hope, Peace, Joy and Love that abound on  Christmas Eve

Christmas Day
11:00 am, Informal Worship, Sanctuary

Sunday, December 28
8:15 am Worship with Holy Communion, Chapel  &  10:15 am,  Lessons and Carols Service, Sanctuary