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Sunday Bible Study

The fall Bible Study of Acts Chapter 1 though 6 will begin on October 8th at 9:00 AM and continue until November 12th. We’ll meet in the Eliot Library and follow the materials provided by the UCC’s, “a Listen Up Bible study”  by Anthony Robinson. We’ll have study guides for you on the 8th, but not in time for the first session.

To prepare for the first session it is recommended that you read Act 1: 1-26 – first read the text slowly, prayerfully, and meditatively. Next read the verses again and note any questions you might have, who the main characters are, and what is the plot or story.

The first chapter could be called “A Story of Succession” as leadership changes hands and new leaders succeed Jesus. Or it could be called “Preparation for the Gift of the Holy Spirit,” the gift of god’s presence.

Here are some questions to think about during the reading and we will discuss at the first session.

  • W  hat does the “Gift of the Spirit” mean for the new church?
  • In verse 3 the phrase, “forty days” occurs, What other instances of 40 days can you recall in the Bible?
  • In verses 4 -5 Jesus orders the disciples to stay in Jerusalem and to wait. What are they waiting for? What is the significance of this instruction?
  • In verses 6-8 Jesus refuses to give one thing , but gives another to the apostles. What does he decline to give them and what does he give or promise to them.

Think about the selection process of a twelfth apostle as a time of discernment in the life of the church, a time of seeking God’s will.


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Come and Worship

8:15 Worship, Sasco Beach last Sunday September 17th

8:15 Worship and Communion, Hobart Chapel
10:15 Worship, Sanctuary 

Childcare, Disciple Road and Middle Road during 10:15 Worship