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Annual Giving

Making a pledge

You may designate your annual pledge to the current year’s budget to go toward two different ministries—those within First Church and those outside the church.  You can make one combined pledge or make separate gifts to outreach and to church ministries.

Your pledge to ministries within the church will support pastoral care, worship, music, Christian formation/education for children, youth and adults, as well as salaries, heat, insurance, etc.  Outreach gifts will support building homes, funding global health and education missions, adult literacy, feeding the hungry, emergency shelters and more.

Making two pledges allows you as the giver to choose your priorities—to put your money where your heart is.  God will surely love it and you will feel great about your giving.

How much should I give? 

That’s a big question, an important question.  We know from Scripture that “God loves it when we delight in giving,” so instead of giving until it hurts, give until it feels great!   You may want to plan your gift as a percentage of your income (some figure it before taxes and others after taxes).  Lots of people give 5% of their income; if that’s too big a stretch to start, why not begin with 2% this year and move up to 3% next year?  Remember that everything comes from God and then prayerfully consider how you can give back to God with a spirit of delight and thanksgiving.


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10:15 Worship, Sanctuary
Childcare, Disciple Road and Middle Road during 10:15 Worship

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